hello there!

Hi, I’m mossbadger aka Jordana. If you’re reading this, I gave you a badge ribbon or an iron-on patch at DragonCon or another event.

I make dresses and jewelry/accessories, and I am part of the Lolita Collective booth (located on floor 1 of the DragonCon vendor hall, booths 1222/1224).

You can also find my stuff in my own online shop.

If you like the “in this economy” design, you can get it on a t-shirt here!

You can also follow me on instagram for more updates on my artwork and also my vintage kids media streaming show on Museum of Home Video.

Iron-on instructions: Peel off the paper backing and place the iron-on shiny side down to the cloth surface you want it stuck to. Use a medium heat iron without steam and firm pressure for about 8 seconds until it is firmly bonded. (You can also trim it down with sharp scissors before ironing it on if you want less border to show.)

Thanks for saying hello and I hope you have an amazing con <3